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Buka findings buried

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THE government has said the Buka land audit report will not be published, raising fears its findings could have ruffled political feathers in Zanu PF power echelons.

An annexure to the Utete review committee report, which was prepared by a ministerial taskforce, revealed the government’s desire not to publicise the contents of the report. The annexure was meant to clarify government policy on land reform and resettlement.

“The Buka report will not be published,” the ministerial team said, “as it was a preliminary report and a working document for government within the context of the implementation of the fast-track land resettlement programme.”

The preliminary report was compiled by a team led by Minister of State for Land Reform in the Vice-President’s Office, Flora Buka. The report caused a stir in government circles after it was allegedly leaked to international media when government had not finished deliberating on it. Senior government officials initially denied the existence of such a report.

The report named senior government officials and their cronies as having more than one farm despite government’s claim that it was implementing a one-man one-farm policy.

Although the Buka report has never been made public, the ministerial team said the discrepancies highlighted in the report were being rectified.

“The material shortcomings of the resettlement programme highlighted in the report are being corrected appropriately,” the ministerial team said.

The team did not however, say how the problem would be rectified.

Observers have said the findings of the Buka report were considered too embarrassing for the government which may explain energetic attempts to prevent its publication.

The Utete review committee report does not contain names of multiple-farm owners. The report said the issue was being dealt with by a special government taskforce.

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