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Why twist what I said Chido?

WHILST I do not appreciate the condescending and castigatory tone of Chido Makunike’s response “Confounded by White African”, (Zimbabwe Independent, March 10), to my rebuttal of his article on whites […]

Mutambara still to deliver

MOST people, myself included, were relieved by Professor Arthur Mutambara’s acceptance speech in which he said his mission was to reunite the MDC. Most of us were wondering how he […]

Don’t be parochial!

COLUMNIST Eric Bloch should stop being parochial and see the bigger picture. Is it because he sits on Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono’s advisory board that he is unable to be […]

Yearning for the good times at Textbook Sales

TEXTBOOK Sales was the leading bookseller and stationer in Zimbabwe prior to its acquisition by government after Mutumwa Mawere had gone into exile. Since then, we have had to  endure […]

Confounded by White African

WHITE African from Bulawayo may not have had the guts to use his real name in his response to my article “Only way whites can secure place  in Africa”, (Zimbabwe […]

Stop these silly takeover threats

THE threat by President Robert Mugabe to take over companies the government accuses of having a regime change agenda is sickening. This government must learn from its mistakes. If this […]

Send them back home

AT last. At least one civilised and democratic government has take some pro-active action regarding Zimbabwe. Some siblings of chefs have been deported and given the opportunity to re-assimilate “Green […]

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