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AirZim is a joke

THIS letter is addressed to the CEO of Air Zimbabwe. Your airline is a joke and has been renamed “Zimbabwe Scareways” by the passengers that have the (more…)

Duiker killing could have been a hoax

ON March 11 this year a letter sent under a nom-de-plume reported the kicking to death of a duiker by a member of the Zimbabwe cricket team. I responded to […]

Demolitions just a tip of the ice-berg

I WOULD like to comment on the political events currently taking place in terms of the destruction of what government calls illegal structures in Harare and surrounding areas.

Government heartless and insensitive

I HAVE written this letter as one of the Zimbabwe Independent news readers. First of all, I would like to thank you for being informative and a voice for the […]

Thanks to Zanu PF

OPERATION Murambatsvina has caught even die-hard Zanu PF supporters in Bindura unawares. At Kitsiyatota makorokoza (gold panners) who voted for the party were given four hours to (more…)

Bible used to hoodwink the gullible

WHENEVER economic hardships increase the one thing we can be assured of is a glut of letters and opinions from those self-righteous “evangelical” Christians.

Govt policy should also help film industry

THE government of Zimbabwe’s 75% local content policy did good and bad to the music industry in this country. Names that immediately come to mind include Roqui, XQ, Betty Makaya, […]

Diaspora views irrelevant

I KNOW and appreciate that letters to the editor are your prerogative and yours only, whether any will be published or not. Sir, with all due respect to you and […]

Moyo instead chose to sup with the devil

JONATHAN Moyo’s ideas on the bankruptcy of President Robert Mugabe’s “Look East” policy are brilliant, but Moyo will soon realise that beyond the rhetoric and the shouting there is not […]

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