Archive | August, 2003

Where’s the povo’s ire?

POOR Zimbabwe, once a sovereign state (as we were constantly told) but now with all our efforts to give away failing parastatals and unmined minerals to the East, is fast […]

Shumba doesn’t deserve coverage

I HAVE seen that many times Zanu PF “rejects” seek independent media attention after they are ditched by the party. Daniel Shumba, the UPP president, should not be allowed any […]

Dedicate Sunday to the suffering

IN a world in which torture is an everyday occurrence, the United Nations has set aside one day, June 26 each year, as their day in support of victims of […]

There are black racists too!

My white grandniece went for her driving test in Harare recently. During the test the examiner had another black young lady, also waiting to take her test, accompany them in […]

Batoka Gorge should come first

YOU rightly conclude that our wish list of infrastuctural projects on the drawing board are beyond our means whilst we are a pariah state “Yet another ruse by failed politicians”, […]

Where do we get the dung from minister?

AGRICULTURE minister Joseph Made doesn’t cease to amaze me. The week gone by, he urged farmers to use natural manure instead of waiting for human-made organ (more…)

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