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What is happening to diaspora forex?

FIGURES released by the Reserve Bank of funds flowing from the diaspora since the introduction of the Gono/Bloch “auction rate” initiative provide interesting reading.

Chigwedere will go down in history

I JUST had to respond to the nonsensical drivel that was dished up by Minister Chigwedere in the Sunday Mail concerning his newly found enemy – private schools. I (more…)

Made sacrificial lambs

I WANT to express my sentiments concerning the launch of the Homelink scheme by Gideon Gono the Reserve Bank governor, to enable Zimbabweans in the diaspora to send forex home.

Opt for multi-sectoral approach

THE government and in particular the Ministry of Health must be commended for hosting the first ever National HIV/Aids Conference in Zimbabwe, which brought together a diversity of stakeholders to […]

Why quiz us over forex?

The Reserve Bank has done a good job by encouraging people to cash their forex at reasonable rates at the banks. But they did not tell the truth by stating […]

Real reason behind problems at Tribune

THE real reason behind the problems besetting the Tribune are very evident to anyone with even one functioning brain cell and I think that the government should stop insulting our […]

Politics affects all aspects of life

I REFER to the events taking place in the administration of cricket in Zimbabwe. Is there anyone who still wants to pretend that politics and sport can exist in s […]

Time for Mahoso to reflect

DR Tafataona Mahoso, as we have come to expect, is leading the pack that says Britain and America have no right to condemn the Zanu PF terror-based regime for its […]

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