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Should we go the Zambian way?

THE other day I was talking to a colleague about the economic and political crises that we have in Zimbabwe. As she is (more…)

Moyo’s savage attack on people of Bulawayo

WE, Christians Together for Justice and Peace note with deep concern the recent spate of slanderous attacks made upon the Executive Mayor of Bulawayo, Japhet Ndabeni Ncube and the city’s […]

Let’s lobby for tax reduction

COMPANIES who make more profits are taxed at 30% while our (workers’) highest tax band is 45%. Don’t you think it will be quite an empowering gesture if our tax […]

NicozDiamond simply slow

M LEPPARD’S letter “Nothing to show for NicozDiamond’s A+ status”, (Zimbabwe Independent, October 1) regarding NicozDiamond is a sad one. My television set and VCR were stolen on October 13 […]

MDC’s Nomore Sibanda mourned

WE treat our values, like our children, not equally but uniquely and resent choosing which one to sacrifice to save another. The death of MDC national elections c (more…)

Mugabe is the lying groom

YOUR observations in the Editor’s Memo, “Who’s a hero?”, (Zimbabwe Independent, October 1) were quite to the point. Can you imagine the ammunition if President Ro (more…)

Where is the Law Society?

I would like to raise my voice with Disgruntled of Bulawayo, (the Standard, September 26) and Tapuwa Singaini, (the Independent April 2) on the subject of lawyers.

Power to make, break in MPs’ hands

THE role played by members of parliament has often been downplayed as most citizens vote for them without full knowledge that they hold the future of the country in their […]

Homelink is result of misgovernance

I REFER to your editor’s memo “Overwhelming?”, (Zimbabwe Independent, September 24) and could not agree more with you. Homelink is a celebration of the brain drai (more…)

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