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Marazanye one of the worst tribalists in Zim

I WAS not surprised by Kudakwashe Marazanye’s letter “Chronicle doing disservice to ethnic relations” (Independent, April 23) because since the 1990s Marazanye has been writing anti-Ndebele articles.

erdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>But I think his letter attacking the Chronicle for using Ndebele words was way out of line.

The guy has gone bankrupt of ideas. He is one of the worst tribalists I have come across in this country. Why does he hate Ndebele people to the extent of criticising the paper for using Ndebele words in their stories.

Is he aware that the Chronicle is based in Matabeleland and most of the paper’s readers are in that region. Matabeleland is an Ndebele-speaking region and this is why Ndebele is the principal language in the province.

If the government has not complained about the use of Ndebele in our newspapers who is he to tell the Chronicle editor not to use Ndebele.

We in Matabeleland are fed up with people like him who want to promote Shona nationalism everywhere – even in our homes. Shonas are found all over because of the government tribal policies.

Colleges are dominated by the Shonas. Is he not satisfied with the Shona’s domination of other tribes in Zimbabwe?

But one day I tell you other oppressed tribes will rise and fight for their rights. The oppressed ethnic groups in Zimbabwe have had enough of tribalism.

If Marazanye does not like the use of Ndebele words in the Chronicle, why doesn’t he desist from reading the paper and stick to the Herald and leave the people of Matabeleland alone.

I would not be surprised if someone like him were involved in writing anti-Ndebele documents in this country.

Dumisani KaKhuya,


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