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Ndebeles should upgrade themselves

WHILE trying to respond to letters written in response to Kudakwashe Mazaranye’s “Chronicle doing disservice to ethnic relations”, (Independent, April 23) I hope to desist from fanning any tribal hatred between Shonas and Ndebeles.

I find it amazing that Dumisani KaKhuya has the nerve to label Mazaranye a tribalist merely for airing his views. I have always been of the opinion that most straight-thinking Zimbabweans are against Aippa.

Personally, to call someone names for airing a personal view is worse than some provisions of Aippa.

Peter Ngwenya’s letter “No gripe against siNdebele use”, (Indepe-ndent, April 30) cannot go unchallenged. How he has the temerity to insinuate that having a jingle without a Ndebele translation is part of Ndebeles being marginalised is, to say the least, absurd.

The funny part is that all the jingles mentioned were coined and put together by a fellow from Tsholotsho, and it won’t need a rocket scientist to ascertain if he is Ndebele. Surprisingly, no Shona has complained over the use of Sisonke on ZTV.

My view is that some Ndebeles have a warped mentality that Shonas are the reason for their marginalisation.

Maybe before they start pointing fingers they should look at how many of their kinsfolk are crossing the crocodile-infested Limpopo to seek fortune Egoli.

If Ngwenya wants more Ndebeles enrolled at Nust and other institutions in Matabeleland, maybe he should consider having the institutions moved to the Limpopo province farming areas.

My point is that the Shonas who qualify cannot be denied places at such national institutions merely on the basis of ethnicity. That would be insane. If acceptance into UZ is on merit, why should Nust be an exception? After all they are both funded by the same tax payers’ money.

It’s only that most people are blinkered, one would notice how the chickens are coming home to roost in Matabeleland with the sudden surge in car-jackings.

When most of these criminals left the country to serve apprenticeships in the crime capital of Africa – Johannesburg – you all never took notice, but now that they have graduated from Jo’burg’s crime colleges, they are back to show their kinsmen the qualifications they obtained in their sojourns.

Jobs cannot be offered to people who do not qualify based on their geographical location. Ndebeles should academically upgrade themselves and compete for jobs just like anyone else, anywhere else in the country.

They do not have a birthright over jobs in Matabeleland, just like Shonas do not have a birthright over jobs in any other part of the country.

Maybe I should take this opportunity to tell Ngwenya, Jerot Sibanda and Dumisani KaKhuya that they should remind their kinsfolk that degrees and diplomas are conferred at Nust, Bulawayo Polytechnic and other educational institutions and not on farms Egoli.

Proudly Shona,


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