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Technical advisor for Zifa board first

ZIFA be real. The man (Jomo Sono) is busy. He has already missed one appointment citing business.

There is no way Sono can coach Zimbabwe. Even if he accepts the

assignment, he won’t dedicate his time to local football. He has businesses to take care of and a team to run.

Soccer coaching is not a directorship where one just attends meetings once in a month or so.

Zimbabwe soccer needs a full-time manager resident in the country. Sono is not the man to leave his South African base and relocate to Zimbabwe.

Who on the Zifa board is behind the move? Why don’t these guys at Zifa learn simple soccer management. What’s wrong with Zimbabwean coaches. Why don’t they have faith and trust in local talent? One minute they’re giving Rahman Gumbo a chance to lead our men’s senior team to Gabon and the next they want to replace him.

Come to think of it, Sono doesn’t really carry much credentials at national level of coaching. He reaps where he hasn’t sown. The toughest stage of any soccer competitions are the play-offs, not the finals.

I still believe and think many local soccer followers will agree with me that Bruce Grobbelar is the man to lead Zimbabwe football. He is well-respected by the majority of the men’s senior team. He has the necessary international and local soccer experience to take over the national team.

This idea of technical adviser does not work. The national team coach is the technical advisor himself. When the national team is not in action he will be performing the technical advisory duties.

If Zifa thinks it needs a technical advisor why doesn’t it get one to advise them on how to manage soccer? There is more confusion at Zifa House than traffic along Seke road from Chitungwiza.

If there is a place in local soccer that needs the so-called technical adviser, it is Zifa. The guys at Zifa should be humble and find a guy to manage them first. If it works for them, then probably it will work with the national team.

Lastly, good luck to Gumbo who I think is a shrewd coach and could take Zimbabwe places if given a chance. His only problem – he is Zimbabwean-born and that alone disqualifies him from coaching the national team full-time according to the line of thinking at Zifa. When are we going to respect our coaches?

Bravo to Marimo for refusing to work under the so-called technical adviser. Technical advisor for Zifa board is what is needed.

J Mdugu,


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