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He who is without fault let him cast the first stone

I AM sure we have all heard the governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Gideon Gono demanding that all Zimbabweans exercise restraint if the country is to successfully navigate the murky waters

that Zanu PF party has led us into.

I intend to argue that the central bank is at the centre of extravagant living. Detailed below are some examples of the “do as I say and not as I do” syndrome:

Early this year central bank workers were awarded a 300% increase.

This has put pressure on all other employers, especially in the financial services sector, to match or exceed this;

The so-called divisional chiefs are on salaries of $40 million a month with an accompanying executive vehicle. One wonders what the deputy governors and the governor himself are paying themselves;

The recent recruitment drive has led to a need for in excess of 100 vehicles. With each car costing in excess of $100 million, total expenditure on non-productive cars will be at least a staggering $10 billion. The mind boggles; and

I used to visit the central bank and on my most recent visit I was amazed by the increase in head count. The place has been turned into a market place teeming with all and sundry.

The current governor has reversed all the gains made by former governor Leonard Tsumba in reducing the head count of a non-productive institution living off the fat of non-interest bearing statutory deposits.

Please governor, he who is without fault let him cast the first stone.



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