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Agro-recovery a mirage with Made in charge

WHEN the bespectacled, highly-respectable and learned spin-professor Jonathan Moyo was shown the door out of the ruling Zanu PF, he made a very interesting analysis, as is his trademark.

It was like the famous Shakespeare’

s Hamlet in a dilemma when he said: “To be or not to be is the question?”

The professor in his remarks said: “Those that appoint may disappoint.”

This was in reference to President Robert Mugabe who had appointed him. Recently, Mugabe breathed fire over under-performance by some of his ministers, specifically singling out two: the Ministry of Lands and Agriculture headed by Dr Joseph Made and the Ministry of Mines headed by Amos Midzi.

Surprisingly, the two ministers are still holding their fort. Not that anything has improved or is improving. If anything, it is a disaster, particularly in agriculture.

Made is a disappointment to the nation. I do not know why Mugabe leaves him to continue destroying the nation.

Made has failed the nation. The president knows it but Made does not seem ready to pack his bags and leave. Mugabe does not have men of integrity who would after being told that they have failed the nation, do the honourable thing — resign.

Made wants to be humiliated, he wants to be fired!

Since he assumed office through a presidential appointment as a technocrat, presumably as one of those who were assumed to have a spine (indoda sibili elomgogodla) he has not done the nation any good.

I am not saying Made should find a strategy to avert droughts, floods or any other act of God that impedes the production of adequate food security.

Mugabe has bemoaned the untimely delivery of farming inputs which characterises poor management. Why should poor management be left to prevail without corrective measures being effected?

A while ago Made boasted having flown around the country (burning the tax payer’s money both on the ground and in the air) and promised the nation a bumper harvest. What do we get today? This is embarrassing and a shame to our heritage.

We need to be treated with respect as a nation. Made has always been warned by the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (Fewsnet) Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (Zimvac), Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO), his officers through the Agriculture Research and Extension Services (Arex), but he chooses to lie and tell the nation that there is enough food amidst overwhelming statistics to the contrary.

Disputing statistics when there is no food is just like a woman denying her pregnancy during its early stages. Unless the woman undertakes an abortion, the pregnancy would still protrude and show.

It is unfortunate that the GMB acting chief executive officer, retired Colonel Samuel Muvhuti has allowed himself to be sucked into the Made-mania of not being honest. How could he say he is building national silos when the people have no food?

It is nonsensical to me. If there is no food Made should just be honest and tell the nation.

Other uninformed sectors of the community were accusing the Bulawayo millers of sabotaging the economy by hoarding grain. We have no evidence to prove otherwise, but before the rooster had crowed, the Chronicle had a headline reading: “Maize stuck at Beitbridge”. Suddenly the bumper harvest is resurfacing from South Africa. Who is fooling who?

As if this was not enough, the Sunday News had a heading: “GMB fails to collect grain”.

Why do we play games with the politics of food? Augustine Mukaro wrote a story replete with statistics on the importation of food in an article “Imports cushion food deficit”, (Zimbabwe Independent, August 18).

If Mugabe has time to read the Independent, could he please help us by putting an end to this circus? I appeal to him because he is the authority that appointed these people who have let us down on their strategic positions, hence our suffering.

There are farmers who are into poultry who have lost a lot of birds because of the lack of stockfeeds, let alone grain to prepare chicken feeds.

Millions of (revalued) dollars put aside for production have gone down the drain due to some individuals who fail to deliver. Made continues to mess up the turnaround in the farming community because he depends upon the president’s authority.

Most Arex officials I have interfaced with have lost respect for Made. They say he is disrespectful, arrogant and does not have a teachable spirit. He left a trail of disaster at Arda.

Made should treat the nation with respect. There is nothing unpatriotic in telling the truth.

Zimbabwe over the years has always needed 1,8 million metric tonnes of food before the next harvest in order to feed its people.

The Sunday News issue of August 20 increased it to two million metric tonnes. Ever since 2002, Zimvac, FAO and Fewsnet resports have been accurately forecasting the prospective food harvests and needs of the country while Made has been continuously in denial.

We are sick and tired of this hypocrisy. Made should be man enough and stand up to the challenge. He is the enemy of agriculture, no more no less!

As long as Made is the Minister of Agriculture nothing will improve. Instead, we will go back to peasantry farming.

I request those friends of Made who read this letter to make a cutting and show it to him. Zimbabwe is a blessed country endowed with good agricultural infrastructure to deliver enough food but falls short of a minister who has integrity at the Agriculture ministry.

I beseech President Mugabe, by the mercies of God that he shows Made the way out so that our food security can improve.

TD WaMzezethure,



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