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Gono did an excellent job

THE lead story in the Zimbabwe Independent of August 25 gave me so much confidence in RBZ governor, Gideon Gono.

It is now evident that some Zanu PF leaders lack accountability and unfortunate

ly this is what is tarnishing that party. With people like Gono we get to know the exact people who are corrupt and restless if they don’t get a say in everything.

So many a time information is leaked to ministers and they gain a lot from it as they are able to change their personal businesses to avoid any losses that will arise from policy changes.

Murerwa is upset because Gono did not give him a chance to bend the rules. He had no reason to want to know about the policy contents beforehand. I am happy he has brought out his true colours and lack of confidence in policies that help the country.

Murerwa must know that the zeros were not a guarantee that inflation would go down, but the obvious thing is they were introduced for convenience.

Gono actually did an excellent job by not giving any of these people an idea on the new currency adoption.



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