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Nobody believes Mbeki anymore

President Thabo Mbeki’s article “Heed not the cynics, Africa” (Zimbabwe Independent, July 16) sounds wonderful.

With the greatest of respect, how can one believe

a word this man says?

Consider the following for starters:

* Mbeki has been trotting out the story that Zanu PF and the MDC have been holding talks. They must be the longest talks and with the least effect in world history – if they ever took place; and so secretive that, as “Over The Top”, (Standard, July 4) states: “Even the people at the talks don’t know they’re talking”;

* The ANC endorsed both Zimbabwean elections in 2000 and 2002 as “legitimate” despite admitting that they were profoundly flawed and thus not free and fair”;

* South Africa’s Foreign minister Nkosazana Dhlamini-Zuma has visited Zimbabwe and returned home proclaiming that everything the government here is doing is beyond reproach;

* Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono’s recent trip to South Africa to “sell” Homelink was a disaster. He was shouted down and not allowed to address the gathering. But Zimbabwe’s ambassador to South Africa, Simon Khaya Moyo’s blustering response denying this was in direct contradiction to everything South African journalists saw as on-the-spot witnesses.

Mbeki’s article is wonderful but he will find neither support nor credibility with the West while he continues to run with the hares and hunt with the hounds as seems to be his habit.

He should get honest and the world will be delighted to listen and help him – and Nepad.

PNR Silversides,


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