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Still no dividend from Stanchart

I HOPE through this letter I will grab the powers-that-be’s attention. Almost a year down the line I still await my dividend from Stanchart.

Let me state why I cl

aim to be a Stanchart shareholder. At the height of the cash crisis, on August 21 2003 at 11:49hrs to be exact, I decided to use my Zimbank Visa Electron card in a Stanchart credit card machine to make a purchase at Open House Hardware along Speke Avenue.

I purchased 8x80mm rawl bolts at $1 680 each. The grand total of this purchase including a bank charge of $940,80 amounted to $27 820,80. The till slip number was CS-168794. Unfortunately, the point of sale (POS) machine slip is now blotted and thus unreadable.

All was in order, so I thought. But wait a minute! I got the shock of my life when I received my monthly bank statement from Zimbank. The aforementioned amount had been deducted twice. I straight Gway lod7ed a quUry withemy Firs

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