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Childish drivel


PEOPLE who are punch drunk are normally not responsible for their actions or what they call … a traumatised brain.

if”>The story published in the Daily Telegraph about President Mugabe (79) telling his opponents, real or imagined, that he can “still punch” and that he is ready for a fight sounded like some children’s utterances when I was in Grade 5.

There were some bullies in Grade 6 who would call out, “I’ll punch you”. Can anyone imagine a father who should long ago have been a grandfather talking such drivel? In spite of the so-called degrees and intellect, there is very little commonsense in the man.

Either he never grew up or he is back into his second childhood. It has been said that growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional. Maybe that is what is lacking in this old man – an old man but mentally a little boy.


Mt Pleasant.

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