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Chombo’s puppets have failed the city

THE state of the City of Harare is a clear indication of mismanagement and wastage of city resources.

It is common knowledge that Sekesai Makwavarara, Tendai Savanhu, Jameson Kurasha, Prisca Mupfumira, Musavaya Reza, Noel Muzuva and Richard Mahachi have failed to turn aro

und the fortunes of Harare as was widely publicised by the state media when these reputable failures were imposed on Harare residents.

Their terms of office have been renewed on four occasions, without any proof on the ground to show that they are doing anything at all.

The other councillors of shame — Tapfumanei Jaja, Grandmore Hakata, Francis Marisi, Joseph Madzudzu, Oscar Pemhiwa and Trymore Magamu — are still being paid allowances by the municipality as rewards for selling the struggle of residents.

Considering the failure of the commission, the only logical thing to do on the part of Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo was to remove them from office and allow the residents of Harare to exercise their democratic rights through mayoral and council elections. But the overzealous minister reappointed the inefficient commission despite the apparent deterioration of service delivery in the city.

Residents have made it clear that they are tired of Makwavarara and her fellow puppet commissioners because they have failed to deliver. We expected and still expect the minister to respect our opinions and complaints. He has turned a deaf ear to the cries of the people.

Potholed roads, which have made a large contribution to the many accidents that the city is experiencing, “decorate” Harare. Tightening road regulations is not a solution to the problem of road accidents. Addressing symptoms of decay is just as good as applying lipstick to a frog.

These roads are in serious need of urgent repairs so that they can be safe for motoring and pedestrian traffic.

Most streetlights have not been working for months and we wonder where the ratepayers’ money is going.

Lately, the state media has been torturing both our ears and eyes with reports and pictures of Harare municipal workers cutting down trees which they regard as unsafe for road users.

May I remind the illegal commissioner, Makwavarara, that those are unnecessary and cosmetic developments that will contribute nothing to the improvement of service delivery.

The focus should rather be on removing piles of refuse that have become a health menace to residents. There are a lot of burst sewer pipes that have been left unattended for months on end.

It is surprising and very disappointing to note the City of Harare still has the audacity to demand rates from residents. As if that is not enough, the commission continues to increase rates to unaffordable and unreasonable amounts.

Water services in Harare should improve.

Residents want Town House to clarify the role of the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) in the water affairs of Harare. All we know about Zinwa is that the water body has increased water charges to residents in an opaque deal that smacks of corruption.

Water has not been flowing in most taps in residential and industrial areas. The quality of the water we are forced to drink leaves a lot to be desired.

Furthermore, Zinwa has not invested any cent in the water infrastructure of Harare. According to my knowledge, it was put in place by the ratepayers’ money.

What then is the basis on which Zinwa has imposed exorbitant water charges on us? As far as we know, Zinwa has done nothing but reduce the water services in Harare to a pathetic state.

I got the shock of my life on July 29 when I attended a public meeting organised by the residents of Mufakose in conjunction with the Combined Harare Residents Association.

The district officer’s representative who attended the meeting was not ashamed to dodge the questions that were fired at him by the disgruntled residents. He kept on referring them to the different departments at Town House including the department of “water services”. What is the use of that department when there is Zinwa?

Makwavarara and Chombo are taking us for a ride. Residents should be the ones to conduct job evaluations of the illegal commission because they are the ones “receiving services” from Town House.

Chombo has no right whatsoever to tell us that Makwavarara has done a “good job” because he has no idea of what residents have been going through under her inefficient management at Town House.

He does not have the constitutional right to impose political nuisances on residents. We want to elect our own mayor and council. It is our constitutional right.
Loraine Mupasiri,

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