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MDC should continually change tactics

We appreciate your courage in bringing us updated information on what is happening back home. While I strongly support the idea of toppling the dictator Robert Mugabe, the MDC needs to proceed tactfully. Two-day stayaways and two months f

or reviews are indeed an insult to the people of Zimbabwe’s intelligence.

I suggest that if a stayaway is to have an impact, it should be indefinite. Tell your people to stock up food to last for some time, wait until all people get paid and then call for an indefinite stayaway that will bring the whole of Zimbabwe to a halt. If the country is brought to a standstill for at least a month, then you can take a week’s review and devise new tactics.

Change of tactics should be the only constant because the dictator, as everyone knows, has a bag full of tricks and degrees in violence. But the truth is, they can kill, they can rape but they can’t beat the crowd. What has happened to Morgan Tsvangirai’s suggestion about marching to State House or has he backtracked? It is a fitting alternative to my suggestion.

The patience of Zimbabweans has been stretched to the limit, that’s why they are determined to shape their own destiny. But they need guidance and direction, which I feel the MDC is lacking.

There is nothing like spontaneous reactions because Zimbabweans have been known to be too afraid, and the dictator knows it and is cashing in on it. If the masses lose confidence in MDC then we are doomed. Tsvangirai needs to use the greatest weapon available to him now, the masses.

On fuel price increases – while I agree that our fuel is the cheapest in the region, the trick is our salaries are perhaps the lowest in the region. That is why any Zimbabwean does better working in any country in the region.

I appeal to the MDC leadership to act, and act now. Negotiating with the dictator could be seen as dining with the devil and could take a long long time while people continue to suffer at the hands of Zimbabwe’s own Saddam Hussein.

Tsvangirai should not talk about fear of casualties because that is part of every war. Remember some people have already died in pursuit of our stolen democracy. Remember the history of Zimbabwe – yakauya nehondo ende tinofanira kuitora nehondo. Zvichanaka hazvo but when?

Mukuru Mukuru,

Indianapolis, US.

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