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Is this the closing of the colonial circle?

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai in leg irons and the images of Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi side by side, is this the closing of the circle?

elvetica, sans-serif”>Compare the hatred of the British who developed Rhodesia with the selling or giving away of state property to Malaysians and Libyans etc. It is like cutting your nose to spite your face.

The farms occupied by the new black ruling class and being given to the Chinese have been taken away from their legal owners. Do we have a valid case against the British who may have done the same? Are we any better for repeating the same?

First, it was fertile land for Libyans, then mines, hotels and now Kariba and Hwange. We are mortgaging our souls to people who have no real interest in Zimbabwe except profit and getting utilities on the cheap while the economy is suffering.

There is arrogance among Zanu PF politicians who think that all Zimbabweans who oppose their ideology are misguided and have been brainwashed by the British. Anyone who has a bit of sense will notice that the resistance to government policies comes from the articulate, the educated and those who know the world is unequal but changing.

The majority of Zimbabweans do not wish to be peasants and be abused and exploited. We cannot afford to live in the past while the present is passing us by with no hope for a future.

The people in power must accept they have failed and pass on the baton to those with new ideas. The worst form of inequality is that visited on people by their own kind, in our case black on black violence and intimidation.

The new colonialists are black Zanu PF functionaries who are the new lords exploiting their own kind. None of them experiences the shortages most of us endure and they are easily recognised by their girths. The British are just a scapegoat. If it wasn’t for Western charity many people in Zimbabwe would be dying.

I once attended a debating competition where a white student from Falcon College was almost booed off the stage by white members of the audience in the Bulawayo City Hall. He was applauded by a few blacks in the audience for suggesting Rhodesia’s future “…would be bleak if not black”.

I have spent many a night wondering about what has gone wrong. Now the present is Zimbabwe and black, and the seminal question: is the future less bleak? We have a future and a rosy one if we would be truly democratic. We have to trust the educated as they have a better understanding of the world.

To be educated is not to have arrived but to travel with a different view. Divergent and deviant views must be respected, that is a fundamental human right and those who have arrested fellow citizens, humiliated Morgan Tsvangirai and others should read this and follow their consciences. Claiming you were following orders won’t help.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery of every kind.

Free Yourselves,


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