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I AM at a loss to know how to express the depth of my concern about the plight of the ever-increasing number of street children in the Harare City Centre.

dana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>For the past two weeks I have been knocking off at around 11pm from my place of work. On my way home using Robert Mugabe Street I have been perturbed by the sight of small children as young as three lying on the pavement dejected from their tiring day spent trying to survive. I can’t knock from my head the images of these poor, hungry, dirty and ill street children.

Everyday I ask myself: “How can this happen so openly? What should one do to stop this? Pass by with closed eyes, yet there are about 80% of the city’s population wallowing in poverty while thousands of churches and charitable organisations claim to work for the rights and welfare of children.

On Thursday last week, after phoning some churches and organisations working for the welfare of children, I concluded that most of them do not care.

Presenting his budget recently, the acting Minister of Finance, Dr Herbert Murerwa touched on the welfare of street people.

I would like to challenge the government to make this issue a top priority and live up to its promise to provide welfare for street children.

Deeply Concerned,

Glen Norah B, Harare.

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