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New struggle the answer

EVERY now and then I read with utter disgust the brutality meted out to peaceful demonstrators in our beloved country.

I have always been a firm believer in the doctrine of non-violence and peaceful resistance. However, faced wi

th a brutal, intransigent, uncompromising and repressive Zanu PF, I believe time has come to rethink our strategy.

Let’s face it President Mugabe will not suddenly realise that what he is doing is wrong and that we do not like the way he is governing the country.

So frankly speaking, I do not see the point of dialogue at this point. Mass protests appear a plausible action but they will never work because they will be brutally thwarted before they even begin.

Elections? Well, we’ve been down that route many times. It just hasn’t worked. Remember that in the 70s we tried all these tricks with the Ian Smith regime and none yielded the desired results.

In the end we realised that smiling at the dictator will not make him nice.

There is no record in history of any dictator converting to the doctrine of democracy. Mugabe will certainly not be the first!

I therefore believe it is now time to do to Mugabe and his regime what we did to Smith and his regime. It is the only way forward now.



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