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State House guards assault civilians

ON Sunday, September 17 at about lunchtime I stopped at a red light at the corner of 7th Street and Josiah Tongogara near State House.

Across the road from where I was, an emergency taxi (kombi) full of passengers broke down at

the traffic lights. The driver and a couple of passengers were trying to push their taxi (full of passengers) through the intersection. The presidential guards accosted the men pushing the vehicle and slapped one of them several times across the face. He was then pulled across the road and later released.

One of the passengers in my car was a visitor who witnessed, along with us, the incident with horror. He will be returning home with first hand experience of the brutality of Mugabe’s body guards and henchmen. And we have another 15 passengers who have yet another reason to hate Mugabe.

If you witness abuse of power, please make sure that you report it to NGOs such as the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum and Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.

Bev Clark,


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