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We stand by ZCTU

WE the Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu) would like to make an unequivocal statement against the rampant human rights abuses which we experienced during the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) demonstrations on Wednesday.

We condenm the attack on and arrest of

ZCTU president Lovemore Matombo, deputy president Lucia Matibenga, secretary general Wellington Chibebe, Grace Kwinje, and the enitre ZCTU membership that were detained by the police in holding cells unfit for human habitation.

We are dissappointed to note that the government is prepared to silence the people’s cries of hunger and starvation emanating from meagre salaries that are far below the poverty datum line.

Zinasu would like to inform the nation that we stand firm on principle and in total support of the ZCTU protests. One day the people will triumph over evil.

We say to ZCTU, we hear your cries, we salute your courage and we will share your victory.

Zinasu President,
Promise Mkwananzi.

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