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There should be an Act for women too!

IT looks like the Women’s Coalition is now the most powerful organisation in Zimbabwe, more powerful than parliament itself, the ruling party, and even the war veterans’ body.

How can one explain the fact that the co

alition managed to make parliamentarians accept the Domestic Violence Bill without as much as a whimper?

Why was the Bill formulated by women’s groups and not by parliament?

It is common knowledge that women’s organisations are donor-funded and always follow orders from their principals. So in a way, these donors have force-fed parliament via the Women’s Coalition to accept the Domestic Violence Bill without taking it to those who will be affected by it — the common people who elected the very MPs who are now debating the Bill in parliament.

Isn’t it an irony that an unelected body like the Women’s Coalition can arm-twist a body of elected people into doing what it wants?

It is a scary thought. The invisible hand of Western donors is now governing us, whether we like it or not.

Women’s groups are now the defacto ruling power in this country even though they represent/are accountable to noone, not even the so-called disadvantaged women.

When the Bill was first debated in parliament, only MDC legislator, Timothy Mubawu had the guts to stand up for what he and the silent male victims of psychological female violence believed in, while the rest of the MPs were too scared to make their views known.

Mubawu was later silenced by donor-funded demonstrators and removed from his positions within the MDC.

It is a sad day when parliamentarians are too scared to voice their opinions in parliament of all places.

These same demonstrators have been silent about Zanu PF leaders who have slept with under-age girls.

Betty Makoni once told viewers on the Mai Chisamba Show that she had the names of those leaders who had raped children but declined to name them. Why?

Perhaps she would have done so if Mubawu had been one of the culprits?

Perhaps it is time women’s groups were governed by an Act of Parliament, just as they themselves expect others to be governed by Acts of Parliament.

It would not be a bad idea for a parliamentary committee to probe the operations and finances of women’s groups to find out what percentage of funding is actually used to help women, how much the directors are earning and how much they get in allowances.

If they earn in forex then they should be earning those salaries through foreign currency accounts. I’m sure some disgruntled staff members could chip in with some very interesting details.

Mwana Wevhu,


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