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Water disconnections are illegal

THE Combined Harare Residents’ Association (CHRA) is buoyed by the city’s admission that residents have not paid water rates imposed by the Zimbabwe National Water Authority in May 2006.

The threats of water disconnec

tions issued by the City of Harare’s public relations manager Percy Toriro (Daily Mirror/Herald and Newsnet October 16) were ill-timed, misinformed and unjustified.

Residents of Harare, represented by CHRA, will go all the way to defend their right to fair treatment and quality municipal services.

The City of Harare will soon realise that it neither has the capacity nor the law on its side to deal with the so-called errant residents who refuse to pay the arrears in newly imposed water rates.

Water disconnections are illegal whatever the circumstances. CHRA urges residents of Harare to be resolute in their rejection of a corrupt, illegal and unaccountable system of administration led by the commission running the affairs of the City of Harare. For the city to disconnect anyone’s water, they must obtain court orders.

The threats issued by the municipality will soon backfire as residents fully implement their boycott agenda inspired by CHRA’s catchwords: “Do not fund your own oppression”.

We will continue to mobilise residents to resist tyranny at Town House. This resolution is informed by the association’s July 2 general council resolution that commits the organisation to campaign for rates boycotts, holding of public meetings and staging decentralised peaceful demonstrations against the City of Harare for poor service delivery.

CHRA stands guided by its lawyers. The City of Harare should be reminded that the implied contract between residents and itself has to be honoured by both parties. It must first address the water supply, administration and billing side of the contract before acting against residents.

Precious Shumba,

CHRA information officer.

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