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Who is to blame?

IT’S about time that Zimbabweans start waking up and behave like men and not cowards.

The government has no wish to cha

nge the situation in this country. It is happy with the raping and killing of the economy. Those in charge are benefiting and so let it be!

I am witnessing a lot of corruption and hatred and my old father of 90 shakes his head in disgust at what has become of, as he calls it, the former golden basket of Africa.

My father goes on to say that it’s not the whites to blame but our own black people. We cannot accept that we have done wrong and this is the biggest mistake in our lives. It is always someone else to blame, he says.

Yes, my father has lived through the changes in Zimbabwe and is not a proud man.

We no longer care about each other but are far too ready to live on hand-outs. Instead of learning from our white Zimbabweans, we are only too ready to take.

I was shocked the other day when my father said he speaks better Shona than his grandchildren. “We were better educated under Smith than you my son under Mugabe,” he says.

What can I say!

Ashamed Son,


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