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Why are these exempt from Operation Murambatsvina?

EVERYONE witnessed the brutal assault last year on poor people’s dwellings by the city of Harare
together with central government under Operation Murambatsvina.

The lame excuse given for the horrendous operation at tha

t time was that they were targeting for demolition buildings and businesses operating without the permission of the city council’s planning authorities.

People’s dwellings were mercilessly razed under this excuse, but lo and behold, in the middle of the operation we have two oriental restaurants — one Chinese at No 7 Kenny Rd and another Korean one at No 9 in the same road operating in Kensington.

I know for a fact that residents in this street were never consulted about this (as they should be according to the city by-laws) conversion of hitherto residential homes into businesses and with all the attendant alcohol-drinking and noise (karaoke) which is part of these operations.

Are we to assume therefore that Operation Murambatsvina is only applicable to locals — and poor ones at that — or that there is some collusion between the city officials and owners of these institutions since they are operating in brazen contempt of the city planning regulations?

Local Resident,


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