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Chengetai honoured

CHENGETAI Mutseyekwa-Gurupira, who is the personal assistant to the chairman, Trevor Ncube, and secretary to group chief executive Raphael Khumalo, is one of the recipients of the Independent’s long service awards.

She told us: “I had the privilege of seeing th

e product being born and watching it grow and now it’s a decade old.
“Being part of the initial team of 23 that was minding this baby, to see it grow day by day was such a great joy.  I think, from the onset, what made working for the Zimbabwe Independent exciting was the culture of teamwork and that staff were encouraged to be innovative.

“Though the country’s standard of living was declining a spirit of unity, loyalty and the aim to achieve the company’s goal was very evident.

“I was employed to build up the subscriptions database.  The company then was still small so it was good to be multi-skilled.  Besides building the subscription base, I worked at the reception and also learnt how to put the newspaper online, which saw me assist in updating the online version weekly. 

“As the company grew it borne another product in April 1997, the Zimbabwe Standard, later to be known as the Sunday Standard and eventually rechristened the Standard.  I was promoted to work as a secretary to the then publisher, Clive Murphy, in 1998. 

“In 2000 there was change of ownership, but I retained my position under Trevor Ncube.  He later promoted me to be his personal assistant in 2002, which is my current position.

“It has been a privilege to work under Trevor’s leadership. Being a God-fearing man, what he has downloaded into my life both professionally and personally has been tremendous.  He has such a teachable spirit which is rare in bosses and he also imparts his knowledge to others.  I believe having a teachable spirit is a staircase to success. 

“Unlike many employers, he respects and recognises the value of each employee. Trevor appreciates the fact that employees are not just motivated by money, but that they need to be respected and to be shown that every one of them is a vital cog in a closely knit family unit.

“I can say I am honoured to be recognised by the company for what I have contributed towards its growth and existence.”

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