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Choice is between a raw deal and a New Deal

AFTER listening to Tendai Nonsikelelo of the Sisonke fame, (November 4, ZTV, Profile of a musician) I feel obliged to point out a few things to my sister whose music I appreciate. I tend to disag

ree with her when she likens the economic depression in Zimbabwe with the Great Depression of 1929 in America.

Tendai, you are wrong when you say America experienced what we are experiencing today. The Great Depression of 1929 was worldwide. Even Africa felt the tremor of this depression.

The American leadership of the time, President Herbert Hoover, admitted to failure and did not search for scapegoats under the empty tables. They did not use repressive measures to address the meltdown. They did not tell teachers and doctors to go to hell and replace them with Green Bombers.

But instead, Herbert Hoover called it a day and allowed change to take its course. He did not wait for nature to take its course before the Americans could win the right to “breathe”.

In other words, the leadership managed to defeat selfishness, arrogance, stupidity and ultimately the Americans conquered the depression under new leadership. This was called the New Deal.

Tendai, Zimbabweans today deserve to choose between the New Deal and a raw deal. It is no one’s duty to tell us how stupid we are when we chose the New Deal as offered by that brilliant gentleman from that village called Buhera.

If people want to sell their country, ndeyavo, rega vaitengese. It’s not the duty of a senile greedy dictator to tell us what to do with our country.

Abstinence from thinking is a deadly virus that I wish to save my sister Tendai from. The Zimbabwean situation is a product of Zanu PF economics.

But I agree that if the right choices are made, we will enjoy a life-time honeymoon. Now that bearer cheques are to be signed from a village in Buhera (Dr Gono), we hope death warrants as well will soon be signed in Buhera by another tea-boy.

May God open your mind Tendai.

Silent Tayaura,


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