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Many thanks to Muckraker

THANKS a lot for the Muckraker column. It really livens up my Fridays at a time when all the news you read or hear from home is depressing. I particularly found this bit from a recent edition hilarious and felt I had to mention it:

“We quoted (deputy Transport and Communications minister Chri-stopher) Mushowe saying the Department of Meteorological Services was operating without a licence. ‘Hence enemies of the state are exploiting these loopholes as cloud-seeding can be used to disperse clouds thereby contributing to drought weather as what happened last year’.

“We thought it took a special sort of ministerial mind to trot out such nonsense so we invited readers to cut the quote out and send it to friends abroad so they would have some idea of the Crazy Gang that rules us.”

I found it so funny that I have had to save it so I can return to it over and over again when I need a kick in my mood.

Tendai Ramhewa,


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