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Message from Clive Wilson

IT seems only yesterday Clive Murphy, Trevor Ncube, Sarah Thompson and I sat down in my house in Harare and decided to launch the Zimbabwe Independent.

That 10 years has past since then is a measure of how time flies when one is having fun!

It was a great adventure,

starting a new paper from scratch, with Trevor assembling a team of young Zimbabwean journalists, Clive Murphy setting up the financial side, Sarah selling advertisements to businesses which had not even seen a first copy, and me getting involved in putting together the IT side for the first paper in Zimbabwe entirely produced on computer.

The original promise of a paper that would be entirely independent of any political point of view or faction has been fully honoured for a decade, and I have no doubt it will do so for the coming years.

Good luck to everyone. They will look back when they are older to their time at the Independent as a highlight in their professional careers, and an honourable entry on their CVs. I certainly do.

Warmest regards to you all,
Clive Wilson.

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