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We’re being taken for a ride

I STILL cannot believe Gideon Gono maintains that he has not yet drawn a cent of his salary and that he is working for the “national good”.

This means several things. Even the president draws a salary, and what he does with it is

his business. By saying he is working for the national interest is this upstart hinting that taking a salary means that one does not have the nation at heart?

So Mr President, your golden boy is calling you a money lover who is only serving the state for money.

The man has children in school, he eats, he lives somewhere, he buys clothing (we hope), where does he get the money to fund all that?

We hear through rumours he has a child in Australia! Is he trying to tell us that his children are destitute, that his daughters have to sell their bodies to get food perhaps?

Girl Child Network where are you, you have a public figure admitting to neglecting his daughters “for the national good”.

We are in serious trouble if the man who is trying to fix the economy is doing so without a letter of appointment. This shows that he has no mandate from anyone to run the central bank or anything else and I believe parliament can rightly call him to book over his statement as he has not been appointed.

His statement is a clear revelation that no one is in charge anymore. If a man can hold a job for three years with no remuneration how is he expected to remunerate his own staff? Or are they also on national duty?

If the people will believe this, you will believe anything!

And if it is true, the IMF might just have got it wrong that inflation will be over 4 000% next year, they probably meant 5 000% or more, because clearly there is no idea on how to run a normal economic system anymore.

David King,

South Africa.

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