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Mash Holds appeals over grabbed land

Roadwin Chirara

PROPERTY firm, Mashonaland Holdings, is appealing to government over the recent take over of its property.

The prop

erty, situated in the outskirts of Harare, was taken over by the government for housing development.

The take over follows an announcement in a September 24 government gazette that government had acquired 40 farms in and around Harare belonging to various companies.

Mashonaland Holdings chairman, Abner Botsh, confirmed that the company had approached the government over the issue.

“We have approached the government over the recent developments,” said Botsh.

He said the company’s management team was holding discussions with the government in the hope of coming up with a positive result.

“My management team has held discussions with the government over the issue and consultations are still progressing. We are positive of the outcome,” said Botch.

He however said the take over of the properties had not impacted on the company’s operations.

He said recent problems at the company, including the board wrangles and a proposed deal with beleaguered Intermarkert Holdings, were now a thing of the past.

“All those issues are things of the past now, and as a company we are looking towards the future,” said Botch.

He said the company was looking for opportunities outside Zimbabwe. “We are a property company and like everyone else, if opportunities present themselves, even external ones, we will consider them,” said Botsh.

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