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Land surveyors ponder recruitment

Ndamu Sandu

THE Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) is itching to enroll highly-skilled personnel in its ranks to reinforce relevance of the key construction sub-sector and eas

y adaptation to changing global trends by tapping into experienced practitioners, Boysen Mutembwa, secretary of the Zimbabwean affiliate of Rics, has said.

“We want the profession to attain the highest standards and status (in Zimbabwe and abroad) so that we are recognised as polished chartered surveyors,” he said.

Mutembwa said the 200-plus chartered surveying family, to meet on November 26 in Harare, will discuss chiefly the recruitment drive and re-energise the profession.

The drive, fuelled by a quest to make the profession compatible with international standards, would be achieved through the “promotion of research-based solutions for the growth of the industry” in Zimbabwe.

“We want Zimbabwean chartered surveyors to benefit from high knowledge and quality recognised internationally,” Mutembwa said, adding plans were afoot to twin the local group to international organisations such as the British Association of Engineers.

Currently, there is a feeling that Rics is staffed with relatively junior professionals, notably students, hence the need to blend experience and youth.

Suffice to say Zimbabwean professionals and surveying companies have been commissioned to participate in international projects as well, more could be done in enhancing knowledge on plant and machinery valuations, property management, quantity surveying and environment management.

Mutembwa said efforts were also underway to tackle challenges bedevilling the sector in the context of havoc wreaking economic ills, marked by high interest rates and hyperinflation, which are also undermining valuation and project undertakings.

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