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Colgate launches new products, staying put

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COLGATE-PALMOLIVE Company (Zimbabwe) Incorporated this week launched its herbal toothpaste, protex herbal antigerm soap and shower gel.

Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The launch, which will include a $15 million advertising campaign in the media, comes amid major competition from rival companies who are flooding the market with cheaper goods.

Colgate managing director Davis Kanyama said his company was not “dumping” Zimbabwe for South Africa or Botswana as was being suggested by “speculators”.

He however said the company had downsized its operations to suit the current economic environment.

Kanyama said: “Colgate-Palmolive is here to stay. We are committed to Zimbabwe despite the difficult operating environment caused by such things as inflation. In fact we are increasing our product range in the country.”

Reports early this year said Colgate-Palmolive was shifting from Zimbabwe to settle in South Africa and Botswana because of the country’s unhealthy macroeconomic situation.

Several firms have gone south in search of higher profit margins because Zimbabwe has very stringent regulations regarding profit-sharing with international companies.

Colgate introduced a new Colgate herbal toothpaste, which combines the oral care science with herbs.

Marketing director Rod Siedle said: “The white paste contains fluoride and calcium. The green stripe contains chamomile and sage known to gently soothe mouth sores and sore throats and myrrh and eucalyptus, powerful antiseptics, known to help prevent and fight gum disease.”

He said together they helped protect against cavities and care for teeth and gums in a natural way.

Colgate also launched protex herbal antigerm soap and shower gel.

“The soap has a lingering aromatic herbal fragrance that leaves the skin clean and healthy. It also protects the skin against bacteria,” Siedle said.

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