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Good riddance to Jeremiah Ndou

By Walter Hurley

AT last Jeremiah Ndou, after an overdue extension of office, is to vacate his function as the South African high commissioner to Harare.

Helvetica, sans-serif”>The bad news, by way of diplomatic circles and other rumours, is that his successor will be a typical intellectually deficient solidarity-aligned deadbeat from within the African National Congress (ANC)’s self-serving patronage system. The new envoy is likely to be suitably disposed towards South African Prssident Thabo Mbeki-styled stone-age renaissance and adept at slackness, fabrication of truth, ineptitude, self-service, solidarity, evasion and blame-passing.

By ANC standards of mediocrity or meritocracy, Ndou may well next become the ambassador-designate to North Korea, Iran, or even China. As a true ANC commonality comrade, it appears that Ndou earlier gained party favour from a possible association with the firebrand ANC youth league. Even to this day this grouping of ANC cadres is coordinated towards state-enabled looting, racism and obsolete Marxist principles. It may also still subscribe to the “one-white settler, one-bullet doctrine” that some of his close comrades may be associated with in mind or by action and declaration.

During Ndou’s tenure of office, he has witnessed and perchance enabled the collapse of the Zimbabwe nation out of dazed alignment with solidarity towards depraved or retrogressive forces.

If he actually has had properly accepted codes or principles, he has failed by not helping Mbeki to understand and apply the real values of the crucial global community as pertinent to Zimbabwe and his own repute and that of his nation.

While there may nowbe well-proven cerebral vacuum between the ears of Mbeki and his comrades, Mbeki’s bizarre visions about the reality in Zimbabwe must inevitably fall back in accountability in part to his anointed agent in Zimbabwe. How can Mbeki assimilate fabricated rose-smelling reports from Ndou’s office in Zimbabwe for five years when the odour of progressive decay that most global and even near-civilised persons note to be overwhelming — even to an experienced undertaker?

To his everlasting disrepute as conjoined with his leaders, Ndou can now take durable account for his stoic service that he has achieved by lamely following key Mbeki deluded objectives. He has conspicuously purported to be a neutral agent to deliver a meaningful solution to the Zimbabwe crisis while his leaders give unblushing massive moral, political and material support to the Mugabe regime.

This “silent vacillating diplomat” is still muted about his contribution to real global improvement values where it becomes clear that he does not comprehend or want to deliver on the enabling principles pertinent to the modern world.

Ndou has silently witnessed the ransacking of the assets of South African and other nationals by the Mugabe regime. The delay in signing a pending three-year-old Bippa agreement between Zimbabwe and South Africa rests with the Mbeki regime.

The silence of action on this matter confirms that Mbeki is happy that the Zanu PF pillagers have been given free access to plunder billions of rands of assets of South African citizens, corporatists and stakeholders to sustain Zanu PF’s looting regimen to sustain its own patronage system.

After sponsoring three fraudulent election processes in Zimbabwe, certain South African leaders may find that they may eventually be found liable for complicity for substantial asset losses and for criminal and humanitarian-related matters in a properly constituted international court at some future date.

Ndou has failed to meaningfully draw to the attention of the international community various human rights abuses as perpetuated by the Zanu PF regime, including prisoner ill-treatment. He was the one who did nothing constructive about Joseph Chinotimba’s supposed gangs raiding and extorting at least eight South African businesses on or before April 2001.

In May 2001, Ndou is the one who fictitiously said “South Africa does not and will never condone the violence seen in the country, excuse the occupation of farms and serious harassment of people in the rural and urban areas, and strongly condemns the latest spate of business invasions in Zimbabwe”.

At that time he is also attributed with stating: “The rule of law is the fundamental of any civil society and lawlessness is strongly condemned by the South African government. Acts of violence will never be condoned by the South African government and people.”

Of course, those even near intellectually enabled will know that the foregoing statements were fabricated window-dressings that were pre-conspired to dilute an encounter with the then American secretary of state Colin Powell with the still amazing “rational head honcho” of South African Foreign Affairs, Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma.

Ndou was the one, despite having diplomatic immunity, who was abused by Zanu PF thugs when he happened to visit a property owned by a South African farmer. In August 2001, Ndou actually mobilised himself and visited Chinhoyi following the arrest of 23 South African white farmers. To this day he has done next to nothing effectual to relieve their predicament.

In May 2003, South Africa’s deputy Foreign Affairs minister Aziz Pahad indicated that Harare had agreed to return land seized from South Africa citizens. The formulation of this hallucinatory statement must surely have come from Ndou.

In September 2004, after 41 protestors’ arrests, Ndou ignored an NCA petition asking for Thabo Mbeki to take an active position on Zimbabwe.

Certain alleged mercenaries arrived in transit through Harare about a year ago. They were subsequently arrested after a pre-conspired tip-off from the South African government.

Rather than curtail this alleged mission while containable within South Africa, Mbeki stalwarts conspired to yield the victims to be put under the sword of their comrades in Zimbabwe. One may assume that Mbeki was trying to ensure his own security while bolstering his comrade’s international credibility!

Ndou did next to little with regard to his diplomatic rights to review or attend to his citizen and humanitarian abuse thereafter.The reality is that the South African regime is engaged in a parody which they still try to market all over the world as “quiet diplomacy” while they are joint-conspirators towards the propagation of evil and retrogression.

*Walter Hurley is a South Africa-based freelance writer.

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