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Farmers told to pack up

Augustine Mukaro

GOVERNMENT is evicting Mashonaland West’s remaining prominent white commercial farmers, the Zimbabwe Independent heard this week.

ca, sans-serif”>The Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) yesterday said at least six wheat farmers in the Karoi area were under pressure to leave immediately.

“The farmers are being told to pack up and leave their homes,” the CFU said in a statement. “They have been informed that police will not assist if the new ‘owner’ comes and throws their belongings out of their houses.”

The CFU said all the farmers were challenging the Section 8 notices in court, and had applied for a stay of execution to harvest their wheat crop.

“These applications appear to have been ignored by the individuals involved in the evictions and the current wave means that only six farmers remain operational in Karoi, down from more than 200 in the year 2000,” said the CFU.

CFU officials said the farmers who were still on their properties were those who had been encouraged by government to stay on the land and grow crops like wheat and tobacco.

“Government is now issuing compulsory acquisition orders to everybody,” one farmer said.

“Farmers are being told to get out of their only homes by government officials. Mashonaland West governor Nelson Samkange allegedly gave the farmers 48 hours to leave with their personal belongings only.” Sources said they were ordered to leave their vehicles, tractors and equipment, and to forfeit crops on the ground.

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