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RBZ arm fails to pay workers

Loughty Dube

GOLD Mining and Minerals Development Trust (GMDT), a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), has failed to pay its workers for two months after allegations the RBZ has severed ties wit

h the trust.

The workers claimed that their salaries should come from the central bank while RBZ officials have distanced themselves from the unfolding drama.

Gono’s spokesperson, Fortune Chasi, this week said the GMDT was not an RBZ subsidiary. He said the trust was dissolved earlier this year.

“The RBZ is aware of the existence of a trust by that name which was set up three years ago to handle gold issues but the trust was dissolved this year when the new governor assumed office and government took over control of gold buying through Fidelity,” said Chasi.

The spokesperson also indicated that the GMDT used to depend on handouts from the RBZ but that the contract was terminated when the new gold policy came into effect earlier this year. The workers from GMDT’s branches in Kwekwe, Mutare, Bulawayo and its headquarters in Harare were not paid their July salaries. Latest investigations indicate that they may not receive their August salaries on time as the money has not yet been deposited in their bank accounts.

“We have not been paid for last month (July) and salaries for August have not been deposited into our bank accounts but our bosses at the RBZ are not coming out in the open to tell us the truth,” said a worker in Harare.

GMDT workers’ committee chairperson, Innocent Shuro, refused to shed light on the matter and referred this paper to the organisation’s chairman, Nhlanhla Masuku, for comment.

When asked about the issue, Masuku was evasive and switched off his mobile phone.

It also emerged this week that trusts that were set up by the previous Leonard Tsumba administration were a source of contention at the RBZ when the new governor, Gideon Gono, took over in December.

A reliable source at the RBZ said the salaries that were paid from RBZ coffers to the trustees of some of the organisations incensed Gono. The trustees are Masuku, Charles Chipato, Chief Cyprian Malisa, a Dr Mandal and Violet Madzimbamuto.

The source said GMDT trustees were paid salaries ranging from between $30 million to $50 million a month, which was higher than what some senior managers at the central bank were getting.

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