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Muckraker simply scared of truth

IN general, the detractors of the Zimbabwe government’s agrarian revolution fall into the following categories: neo-colonial black sell-outs who are always desperate to ingratiate themselves to the West because they […]

You make good reading

ONCE in a while I read the Zimbabwe Independent. It is very good reading I must say, and the articles you publish give good background information about Zimbabwea (more…)

Leslie’s letter displays naivety

I HAVE to admit that since my college days when I developed interest in your paper, I have never come across a letter to the editor that displays ignorance and […]

Fight them back folks!

THE recent destruction of people’s livelihoods by government just makes one wonder what they want to achieve. Vendors who used to sell tomatoes at street co (more…)

Are you sincere Gideon?

I HAVE just one small question for central bank governor Gideon Gono and the government. The call for displaced farmers has been highlighted in the press — (more…)

Looking for cousin Jean

MY name is Gail Halsted and I am living at 317A Devonport Road, Tauranga, New Zealand. I have lost contact wi (more…)

Indecent assault on readers

I REALISE that Jonathan Moyo has a new disciple from your stand, and frankly, this is not good news. I have always admired Dumisani Muleya, until very recently wh (more…)

Blackout Jonathan Moyo

WHY do you waste your time and money covering the former junior Minister of Information Jonathan Moyo? Remember this guy was busy closing independent media by coming up with all […]

Tell us who is running Air Zimbabwe?

I WRITE to express my utter disgust and disappointment at the shoddy and carefree service that is being rendered to clients of our sole “national airline”, Air Zimbabwe.

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