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All the best as an independent Prof

I CONGRATULATE sacked Information minister Professor Jonathan Moyo for abandoning Zanu PF because the move was long overdue.

It is however unfortunate that the le

arned professor believed that he could be permanently welcome in the party. The likes of Nathan Shamuyarira, John Nkomo, Joseph Msika, Solomon Mujuru saw him as a threat to their political survival.

Despite tarnishing his reputation by associating with Zanu PF in the first place, he still has the chance of redeeming himself.

As an accomplished academic, Moyo can easily resume his teaching career. But he can also accomplish more for Zimbabwe as an independent MP.

If the March 31 election is free and fair, Moyo is likely to win the Tsholotsho contest. It is unfortunate for the head of state to make derogatory statements such as Jonathan ane musoro wakaoma sedamba (Jonathan is heard-headed). He probably learnt from him.

During the 1980s, the president made almost similar remarks about the late Dr Joshua Nkomo.

Remember President Mugabe threatening to rip Nkomo’s stomach apart? Now it is Moyo’s head and what next?

The writing is on the wall for the collapse of Zanu PF. Why can’t Zanu PF learn from history?

Zanu PF is very vindictive of rebellious cadres and it is not surprising that none of Moyo’s colleagues is openly supporting him.

Most of them are just unprincipled opportunists. Wish the professor success as an independent.

JG Tembo,


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