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Forget the graffiti, go and vote!

WHILST I would normally agree with the sentiments expressed by M Leppard in his letter “To lose votes…”, (Zimbabwe Independent, February 18) I must point out that the situation is not normal.

ace=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>People are not permitted to express themselves freely and cannot wear T-shirts or other party regalia at meetings, let alone in the streets. Neither can they freely hand out leaflets or sing political songs at their meetings.

They are harassed, beaten up and arrested. In fact, they cannot campaign as opposition parties do in other countries where democratic values and the rule of law are entrenched.

If Leppard is prepared to forego his/her vote because of the trivial painting on walls, so be it. It is up to each and every voter to conscientiously cast their vote. In countries such as Brazil and Australia it is not an option but compulsory for every person to cast their vote.

The temporary eyesore of graffiti can easily be rectified, but the shocking devastation to our country, the economy, loss of jobs, the collapse of the health sector, devastation of the agriculture sector, loss of lives through lack of drugs, loss of our youth and skills, not to mention our poverty stricken pensioners, will take a much longer time to heal.

Conscientious Voter,


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