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No apology over laying into Tau

HUDSON Taivo is entitled to jump to the defence of Dikgang Tau. I, however, am a Zimbabwean and do not apologise for the fact.

Tau threatened to murder Zimbabwean

s simply because they are Zimbabweans.

His comment that Zimbabweans who go to Botswana “will go into graves” was totally unacceptable to me and many other Zimbabweans.

I will defend my fellow Zimbabweans whenever a foreigner like Tau accuses

Zimbabwean nationals in Botswana of being thieves. I will defend them whenever a foreigner feels that our suffering gives him the right to speak to us as though we are a nation of idiots.

I am, first of all, a Zimbabwean and I love this country and its people. I may have differences with my fellow countrymen, but that does not give a foreigner the right to insult them as a whole. I will not stand by while a bigoted oaf throws venom at my fellow countrymen.

I personally believe that Zimbabweans should not flee the country to go and do menial jobs outside. I am also of the opinion that Zimbabweans should stay at home and fight to right the economy that is currently crumbling. None of this however entitles Tau and Taivo to speak to Zimbabweans as though they are subhuman.

I do not apologise for my response to Tau until he apologises for threatening to murder Zimbabweans if they go to Bostwana. I will not apologise for my language in that response until he apologises to hardworking Zimbabweans whom he called thieves.

Tau cannot insult Zimbabweans, threaten to murder them if they set foot in Botswana, and expect us to keep quiet. He should not cast aspersions on the characters of all Zimbabweans without distinguishing between thieves and the hardworking lot and expect me to bow my head and say nothing.

Zimbabwe is my country and its people are my blood. You pick on them and I will pick on you.

Instead of protesting that they do not like the taste of their own medicine, Taivo and Tau should start thinking like normal human beings and stop whipping up hatred against my people.

Taivo also complains that I used a paper by two “obscure professors” to justify the fact that the Botswana system of government is no model for Africa. May I remind him that simply referring to the professors as “obscure” does not negate their argument. After all, it was an “obscure” little boy — a nobody — who pointed out that the Emperor had no clothes on.

Denford Magora,


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