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It wasn’t me!

IN your issue of November 26 you printed a letter regarding an incident outside State House entitled “Caution at State House” and named me as the writer.

Christians’ support for cricket boycott

WE, Christians Together for Justice and Peace, an informal, ecumenical group of church leaders meeting in Bulawayo, write to express our strong moral opposition to the series of one-day matches […]

IMF story a ploy to hoodwink us

THE front page story “IMF willing to help Zim”, (Herald, November 19) on the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s willingness to help Zimbabwe is a campaign strategy meant to make Zimbabweans […]

Tax the rank marshals

THE acts of rank marshals or hwindis surely deserve to be put under scrutiny owing to the hardships they have visited on innocent commuters. They overcharge for t (more…)

Come on cowards of the West!

“THE (International) Bar Council noted that after the imposition of the sentence, Bennett’s place of imprisonment was not revealed to his legal representatives. When they did locate him, they found […]

Ignore this tour

THE debate about whether or not the England cricket team should tour Zimbabwe has gone on seemingly endlessly. It has involved just about everyone except the ordi (more…)

Caution at State House

ON November 15 at about 4pm, a mother with two young children in her car was returning to her home in Borrowdale. As she approached the entrance to State House, […]

Time for sombre reflection

CELEBRATED Nigerian author Chinua Achebe once diagnosed his country’s tragedy as simply the unwillingness or inability of its leaders to exercise responsibility and rise to “the challenge of personal example”. […]

Not all Western is pure

TONY Namate is undoubtedly the most intelligent and talented cartoonist in Zimbabwe today and I believe that he can hold his own against even the brilliant British Telegraph cartoonist or […]

Mnangagwa and protege messed up

I WOULD like to congratulate the Minister of Water Resources and Infrastructural Development, Joyce Mujuru, on her nomination for the vice-presidency. I hope this (more…)

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