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A point of no return

DIPLOMATS and observers started in earnest to predict Zimbabwe’s inevitable meltdown in late 1997 after the unaffordable payout to the alleged disgruntled liberation war veterans. These “heroes” were then feeling left out of the loop of w

ealth creation opportunities that the chefs had by then created for themselves.

The ongoing economic implosion was exacerbated by the mission of vengeance and by the land and other looting campaigns that were launched in early 2000.

Zanu PF’s philosophy is quite simply based on power acquisition, self-improvement and survival. The ruling party has so far secured and held its power base via evil methodologies so as to re-enforce its dependent patronised supporters who for their allegiance are rewarded with plunder and the assets of others. Serving the people and the nation’s best interests has never really featured on the Zanu PF agenda.

As some commentators have suggested, the Zanu PF hierarchy will never comprehend that they are causative of the unfolding national disaster. This they will not realise until they themselves have no loot, food or fuel to survive on.

The likes of the International Monetary Fund, Western nations and particularly South African President Thabo Mbeki have failed to recognise that Zanu PF will never change its ways or ever surrender power. They will cling on because the alternatives that they would face are too horrendous for them to contemplate.

Zanu PF is a self-ignited incendiary. It is quite prepared to scorch the nation in its futile efforts to escape its days of accountability for a while longer.

The time is overdue for a new strategy towards Zimbabwe. The nation has been misled by its self-imposed leaders who have digressed too far over the line of good and proper governance.

Zimbabwe will inevitably implode as a result of its leadership’s transgressions in pursuit of their irrevocable direction. When the point of no return is crossed, all options for restoration dissipate.

Kevin Blunt,

South Africa.

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