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Maruma’s daftness

OLLEY Maruma’s letter to Muckraker made some interesting reading – mainly due to its daftness.

He chooses to call Muckraker all sorts of names while he labels him

self “pan-Africanist, socialist”. Maybe it’s his sovereign right to call others what he wants and elicit a tag for himself.

Maruma says he has been writing since the days of the late veteran journalist Willie Musarurwa. Well indeed he should remember the prolific and anonymous Gono Goto who everybody liked and respected – by and large. Maruma doesn’t like Muckraker writing under a pseudonym – tough luck, we do.

In the public media where Maruma so often expresses his views, there are more pseudonym-writers such as Nathaniel Manheru, Mzala Joe, Lowani and many more “special correspondents”. It seems he has no problem with those and even the likes of Scrutator, Behind the Words et al.

Maruma also thinks he could have been a minister due to his own ranting over the years like a number of those who have made it through praise-singing. Bootlicking maybe good in some instances. It is bootlicking and cannabis growing which never mix!

Of all the rumours I have heard about the president, he has never been said to like cannabis growers – never mind peddlers and smokers. In that regard even if Maruma licks till kingdom come, no reward will come his way.

I urge Muckraker to continue writing the way he has always done. We love it.

Maruma may like cannabis as flowers or whatever, but associating with that plant has often been linked with dubious credentials. I stand to be corrected.

David Maponga,


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