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No worse hell than Zim

WHILE President Robert Mugabe reportedly tells the US ambassador to Zimbabwe Christopher Dell to go to hell, I m requesting the African leader to come back from hell. Mugabe is already in hell himself, judging by his actions. I am not sur

e whether Mugabe is inviting Dell to join him in hell or what.

Does Mugabe know the difference between hell and Zimbabwe? As Dell left Zimbabwe for “consultation” in America, to me it meant he was out of hell. Doesn’t Mugabe realise that by virtue of being in Zimbabwe, Dell is in the worst hell?

Where does Mugabe think there is hell worse than Zimbabwe? In fact, Dell is in Mugabe-created hell. Mr President, the hell you have created in Zimbabwe is the worst. You should not be telling people to go to hell as if there is any other hell besides Zimbabwe.

I hope it was your last time to tell someone to go to hell because by telling a person to go to hell, you are actually inviting that person to come to Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is the only place that can be equated to hell in the world. I wish you were Dell, maybe Zimbabwe could not be hell.

By the way, when are you resigning?

Here in South Africa the only problem we have is that there is too much fuel and low inflation.

Rugare Zvikomborero,

University of Fort Hare,

South Africa.

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