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Pogrom must never be forgotten

EVERY day we are reminded of the terrible repercussions of the government’s onslaught on the most disadvantaged, yet the most hardworking members of our society.

erif”>It is imperative, in the interests of future justice for these poor displaced persons, that as much relevant information is recorded. The Independent and the UK-based Zimbabwean are doing a commendable job in showing the rest of the world what is happening and recording events.

The ripple effects of this pogrom insidiously permeate through all layers of our society — except of course the well-connected, uncaring fat cats — leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. No wonder it has been so quickly named by true Zimbabweans as a “tsunami”.

All right-thinking Zimbabweans are horrified by what has happened. It is a disaster made by the very people who have mandated themselves to govern us. The irony of it!

President Robert Mugabe and company have been planning this for months. The programme was planned with a deliberate agenda of providing no alternative shelter for the people, in order to weaken them and with no consideration for an ordinary citizen’s rights.

Because of the magnitude of this horror visited on the people of Zimbabwe by their own government, I think:

*That the Independent and The Zimbabwean as a matter of policy continue to publish articles and photographs on this pogrom and the ongoing effects of it so that it remains at the forefront of people’s minds. The effects of the pogrom will continue for years but must not be forgotten; and

*This period of “the destruction of people’s lives” be noted as an annual memorial for those who have suffered under the cowardly regime’s dastardly deeds.

I am not a very good organiser, but wish that someone with the appropriate abilities might take up these suggestions. Aluta continua!



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