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IN a bid to keep up with technology, the government is donating computers to schools and institutions across the country. This is a very good way forward because computers are getting essential in our day to day activities. No wonder why even Mbare Musika is deemed to be computerised. How

ever, it’s a big shame that the authorities at Harare Polytechnic do not think likewise.

Students are barred from bringing in personal computers to their hostels. If a student is found with a personal computer he/she risks being cautioned or even losing accommodation at the hostels, which is a sad thing considering the world of technology that we are living in. In one instance a student who brought his personal computer from as far as Bulawayo was denied entrance at the main gate and was told to get rid of the computer if he still wanted to reside at the hostels.

Other students are made to leave their valuable computers in the college’s unsafe guardrooms until they manage to find a place outside the college where they can store them.

 Of course the administration argues that there is no need for personal computers since the college has its own computers. But the fact is that the computers are  not enough for the students who number up to about 8 000 and almost all of them have to sit for a computer practical exam in future as part of their course work. For example, the IT department has about 120 students yet the department’s comp-lab has less than 25 working computers. That same lab is also used by Business Studies students and some staff who are training for their ICDL qualifications. This only demonstrates how inadequate the computers at the whole college are. After all gadgets like radios, TVs, DVDs and home theatres are allowed, why not computers?

 We kindly ask the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education to help desperate students because if a student can bring a personal computer it should benefit a number of other students who cannot afford them thereby reduce the congestion at the college computer labs.

Lecturers are even failing to print notes and assignment papers for their students because of lack of computer consumables ie toner and ink. If the students are allowed to bring their computers they will only need soft copies to down load to their computers and thereby improve the learning process at the college. Why can’t it be like at other tertiary colleges? Viva technology.
Desperate Students,
Harare Poly.

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