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Puerile buffoonery in ads

THE current Zanu PF advertising campaign has a repetition of imagery which was used in those sickening, thankfully no longer seen, “The Land is the People” adverts.

f”>The repetition I refer to is that of the camera peeping up the very short skirts of the gyrating female dancers. I remember that there were a lot of rightfully disgusted objections from viewers then. And yet now, in typical Zanu PF arrogance, ignorance, stupidity – as in everything they do – they follow the same perverted route.

The bunch who have been wilfully destroying citizens’ livelihoods present this puerile buffoonery to TV viewers as “our culture” with Tafataona Mahoso’s addled moral blessing presumably! What impeccable role models we have on our one and only choice!

Or has it got something to do with them thinking that men vote with their . . . um . . . jongwes?



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