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Can’t you see the light?

CONTRARY to your comment “No light at the end of Zanu PF’s tunnel”, (Zimbabwe Independent, July 7), there is light at the end of the tunnel owing to trade with China.

There is a window of opportunit

y for the successors to the Zimbabwe throne. They will inherit rewards that come with radical reforms that emanate from a strong and stable leadership.

Economic prosperity does not necessarily come from clinging to a formal dedication to elections that may be based on untenable moral foundations. It is like calling on the IRA in Ireland to give up arms to facilitate peace when the real issue is the other side conceding to the moral ground that is the basis of the armed struggle in the first place.

President Mugabe knew that the solution lay in redistributing to blacks land which was a symbol of white supremacy. And he succeeded. There is nothing to stop civilised white farmers from applying to farm in Zimbabwe provided they enjoy the trust of the community — which they don’t!

Britain does not want to talk to Mugabe because he pulled out of the Commonwealth and redistributed land in such a way. But Britain will not cling to that position as long as Mugabe shows he means business.

One cannot implement a policy for a minute, then make an about- turn because it is not acceptable to some sections of people.

Mugabe made good changes which comply with a socialised land ownership system compared to a complacent regime which relied on oppression and paying very little or no wages at all.

The honour bestowed on Mugabe by Westminster or the Queen must stay. He did their job for them. There is light at the end of the tunnel but darkness at the end of a persistent cry over a lost election to bring the nation to heel.

Mordecai Betera


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