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If only Mugabe looked aside …

“The problem with you, our children, is that the more you become educated, the more foolish you become,” so said one old man Ndlovu in Bulawayo during the failed constitutional change campaign.

, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>And he could not have directed such wise words to a better and appropriate recipient – Professor Jonathan Moyo.

This man clearly doesn’t know how “his” party operates. He has created so many enemies for himself within Zanu PF such that it is so easy to get rid of him.

What makes it worse is that unlike Eddison Zvobgo, he does not have a constituency to back him up when whoever is using him decides time is up. He may impose himself in Tsholotsho but that cannot be compared, for example, to the way the late Sydney Malunga had endeared himself with his Makokoba constituency.

He is hanging on at the pleasure of one man – Robert Mugabe. All his enemies within Zanu PF who want to get rid of him are being held back by the president at the moment.

When he decides he no longer needs him, all he has to do is just look aside and click his finger.



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